Thursday, January 20, 2011

Getting Weaponized

In case you couldn't tell yesterday, I love, love, love the Lethal Weapon series.  To me, the notion of revisiting the franchise without stars Mel Gibson and Danny Glover is as heretical as a Die Hard that's not anchored by Bruce Willis.  Just pointless.  Still, it appears to be full steam ahead for Warners' Lethal plans, with some more info hitting today via Deadline.  Uber-producer Joel Silver, who shepherded the original quadrilogy of Lethals, is taking point on this one as well, with plans for a new take and new cast to continue the series. I'm in total agreement with Vince Mancini over at FilmDrunk when he makes the point that, "when I think of premises Hollywood hasn’t already done to death, I think interracial buddy cop movie."

Of course, it's also not hard to see that while the buddy cop movie has indeed been mined to within an inch of its life (Rush Hour, anyone?), Lethal Weapon remains the benchmark for the entire genre (thanks to the very long shadow cast by Shane Black's script for the 1986 original), not to mention one of most successful franchises in WB history.  Now, revisiting a brand that saw its heyday and ended so perfectly (with movie four in 1998) was unnecessary a few years ago when the plan was to reunite Gibson and Glover, and it's even more unnecessary now that the plan is to start from the ground-up, without the stars, and especially without series director Richard Donner.  This just makes me sad.

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Hank said...

Fans of the franchise are too old for this shit.