Friday, January 14, 2011

FIRST LOOKS - Evans as Cap, Garfield as Spidey

Yesterday saw not one, but two of our first looks at two of the upcoming cinematic superheroes hailing from the Marvel Universe.  First up, by way of Entertainment Weekly, is Chris Evans, all duded up in his patriotic finest as Captain America: The First Avenger:
I already said back when we saw those high-res concept pictures that I was digging this look, so no big surprises here (though my inner nerd does appreciate that they threw some wing decals on the temples of his helmet).  I'm pretty much in agreement with what director Joe Johnston has contended in previous interviews, that the uniform had to be functional and utilitarian, and a guy running around a WWII battlefield in flag-colored tights probably wasn't going to work.  Captain America hits theaters in July, and I'd expect we'll be seeing a trailer before too long so we can check out how he looks in motion (and also be sure to check out my in-depth interview with Johnston from last year).

Next up is Andrew Garfield as a morose-looking Peter Parker in the currently-lensing Spider-Man reboot under the helm of Marc Webb, which is set for a summer 2012 release.  Via Dark Horizons, this is a slightly lighter pic than the one that's been floating around the web, and it lets us see the texture and material far more clearly (click the pic to enlarge):
And, by way of comparison, here's Tobey Maguire in his Spider-Man costume:
I know that some folks on the interwebs are nonplussed by the new suit's deviations from its comic book roots (the stylized spider, the tapering on the gloves, etc.) but I don't think there was ever any chance that the producers of Spider-Man Begins (or whatever it's called) were going to retain the Raimi-Maguire Spider-threads from the previous trilogy, so I guess I knew going in that it would undergo some measure of tinkering.  And as these things go, whatever changes there are seem pretty minimal to me.

It's similar enough for the average person to know that it's Spider-Man, and different enough to also know that this is a revamp and not a continuation.  Works for me.  Granted, we still don't know what the mask looks like, or what Garfield will look like wearing it, but I highly doubt the filmmakers are going to reinvent the wheel on the most iconic element of the character's look.  So, in the end, a net neutral for me on the Spider-Man front.  I'm still not especially excited for the movie, but nothing about what we've seen so far makes me not want to see it either.

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Om said...

I hope it's a bit gritty and not too definitely has potential.