Saturday, January 29, 2011

De La Garza Back To LAW & ORDER

The Law & Order: Los Angeles cast shakeup that saw the show removed from the NBC sched indefinitely a few weeks ago is now complete. Yesterday brought some very welcome news from producer Dick Wolf that Law & Order vet Alana De La Garza is joining the cast of the troubled spin-off, with her character, ADA Consuela "Connie" Rubirosa, hopping coasts to pair off with Terrence Howard's DDA Jonah Decker.  De La Garza was the junior ADA in the final four seasons of the Mothership, and had emerged as one of the most popular actresses to occupy a pretty thankless role, so this is a good thing.

It's no secret that I was a big fan of De La Garza in the part, and especially of the chemistry she had with co-star Linus Roache.  While I'm still smarting from Roache's Mike Cutter being consigned to TV limbo after the original show's cancellation, the fact that DDA Rubirosa gets to continue on makes the pill go down slightly easier.  Still no word on when Law & Order: Los Angeles returns for its do-over, but now that the casting deck has been sufficiently shuffled, I'd expect an announcement very soon.

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