Friday, January 14, 2011

British Justice

While we wait to see how all the big changes on Law & Order: Los Angeles from earlier in the week will play out (in early February, not later this month like I'd originally thought) the second season of cross-pond companion Law & Order: UK continues on its merry way, airing Friday nights on BBC America.  If you're a fan of the brand and haven't been watching this consistently excellent series, you're really missing out -- I can't recommend it enough.  Still, if you have given it a go and found the Brit-ness of the show too much of a hurdle to jog around, then you'll appreciate this helpful vid, narrated by Steve Zimkilton (the voice of all the stateside L&O skeins), that guides you through what you need to know to enjoy Law & Order: UK:

1 comment:

Rob Roy said...

LOL! Classic!

"They hate putting things down gently."

"They only walk by the river when the camera pans like this."

". . . scarves."

That was really funny!