Friday, December 31, 2010

A Look Back in Islamophobia

In the spirit of my previous post, Talking Points Memo has taken a walk down memory lane with a fond look back at the way the "Ground Zero Mosque" hubbub last summer ignited a wave of semi-related anti-Muslim rhetoric (and incidents) across the country.  Remember Pastor Terry Jones and the great Qur'an (non) burning in Florida?  How 'bout the anti-mosque movement in Tennessee?  Now you can revisit all those good times and many more.  Of course, the TPM folks don't even get to the Islamophobic congressional campaign of Renee Ellmers in North Carolina, or Louis Gohmert and his "terror babies" nonsense, or the hysterical paranoia surrounding a proposed mosque in Temecula, CA.  No doubt there'll be a similar harvest of embarrassments to dissect at the close of next year.

Believe it or not though, while I've spent quite a bit of time covering and commenting on this stuff over the last year (far more than I would have liked, frankly), I staunchly refuse to believe it represents anything close to a plurality of opinions.  My experiences and conversations with people of all political persuasions continues to prove that out, and while some of the invective that's emerged from the most virulent (read: Pamela Geller) circles has been hateful, disgusting, and, yep, hilarious, it's also prompted many responses that've been just as nuanced, insightful, and informative, so I guess you just have to take the good with the bad.  I mean, who knew that Sarah Palin asking Muslims to "refudiate" the Park51 center would lead directly to a discussion that would in turn become my most-read post of all time?  Thanks, Sarah!

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