Saturday, December 11, 2010

Getting Hammered

Things have been a bit quiet on the Thor movie front lately, but that's begun to change this week, first with the very Frank Miller-esque teaser poster to the left, and then with yesterday's release of the first trailer for the film, which Marvel and Paramount have slotted for release into the early May "lead-off" position that Marvel has previously found great success in with Spider-Man, X2, and the two Iron Mans.  The trailer isn't substantially different from the Comic-Con sizzle reel I linked to in July, but since that vid got yanked by Marvel's legals, this is your chance to catch it "for reals."  My comments from back then still apply, with the added observation that I'm feeling this one way more than I was the Green Lantern trailer a few weeks ago.  I'm sure both flicks will be solid, but -- at least for now -- this one has the edge with me going in.

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