Saturday, December 11, 2010


Yesterday, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (who I've always been a pretty big fan of) took to the Senate floor in an eight hour-plus tour de force that saw him standing defiantly (with brief assists from Sens. Sherrod Brown and -- of all people -- Mary Landrieu) against the Obama-GOP tax cut deal that was announced earlier in the week.  While Sanders' stand made for one of the more magnetic moments of parliamentary politicking of late (even crashing the Senate video server at one point due to the many views), it wasn't exactly the "Mr. Smith"-style filibuster that many in the blogosphere quickly pegged it as -- mainly because that kind of filibuster doesn't even exist anymore!  Confused?  Don't worry, Brian Beutler helpfully explains what makes a filibuster a filibuster.  If, like me, you've found yourself frustrated at the slower-than-glacial pace of darn near anything getting done on the Senate floor for the past two years, you should really read it.  Then weep.

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