Friday, December 03, 2010

Birther Quake

I've mentioned previously on this site about the "Birther" phenomenon and how it continues despite all evidence (and common sense) to the contrary.  I can't begin to guess where the irrational belief that President Obama wasn't born in this country -- and is thus an illegitimate president -- comes from (though I certainly have my suspicions) but I've encountered some of these folks personally, and there's a whole lot of "yikes" going on there, believe you me.

Case in point is this video from Tuesday evening that's already gone viral, of CNN's Anderson Cooper confronting Texas Rep. Leo Berman (R -- natch) about a "birth certificate" bill he's advancing that's pretty clearly been dreamed up primarily as catnip for the Birther contingent.  As he's done very well in the past, Cooper does a nice job of demolishing Berman's contentions, most of them scraped off the most fevered corners of the blogosphere, in rapid succession.  If you've ever found yourself wondering where they're getting this stuff, now you know...

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