Thursday, November 11, 2010

TRON Traffic

The upcoming sequel Tron Legacy, which I previously discussed here and here, is just one month shy of its highly-anticipated launch, with the full marketing muscle of the Disney company at its back.  The various toys and merchandise are already out there, and in addition to the just-announced CG animated series Tron Uprising, set between the first and second films, there's also the newly-released final trailer that not only gives us a sense of the new movie's scope, but also some of the story terrain they're mining.

Also of note, the last time the original Tron hit home video was for a bells-and-whistles DVD back in '02.  Of course, eight years is an eternity in movie time, and in this age of double-and-triple-dipping discs, I did find it strange that the Mouse House allowed the film to remain out of print with no updated edition while awareness and interest are at a high.  In case you've been left high-and-dry looking for a Tron fix, The Vulture asked original director Steven Lisberger about a potential new release, and here's what he said about when to expect it.

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