Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Slash 'n' Grab

Last month we got our first word that critically beloved director Darren Aronofsky, whose Black Swan is now in theaters, was weighing the latest installment of Fox's Wolverine series.  The question I asked then was why someone of Aronofsky's caliber would bother slumming on the fifth leg of a series that, despite the very best efforts of its lead actor, seemed to be circling the drain as of its last entry.  Well, the speculation is over.  The contracts are signed, and the director is aboard.

In confirming his attachment, Aronofsky has addressed some of my initial concerns. The project, which tracks the Japanese adventures of Hugh Jackman's hirsute anti-hero (can you believe he's been playing the role for more than ten years now?), won't be Wolverine 2 or X-Men 5 or anything else with a number or roman numeral at the end. Instead, they've tacked the definite article onto the front: The Wolverine. Oh, and don't call it a sequel.  Remember those four previous movies in which Jackman played the same character?  Ignore them, because they don't exist.  Said Aronofsky to HitFix, this is a "one-off."

So, I guess that answers the question of what kind of incentive the director was given to sign on beyond just his relationship with Jackman -- the freedom to reinvent the wheel as he sees fit.  Wolverine 2, er, The Wolverine is due to hit theaters in 2012 in the midst of a very jam packed summer, duking it out with Sony's Spider-Man reboot, the last leg of Chris Nolan's Batman trilogy, JJ Abrams' Star Trek sequel, and, of course, the Marvel superhero jam The Avengers.  Given the competition, Aronofsky and Jackman will really need to up the ante to make sure their Wolverine stays a cut above.

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Sabir Pirzada said...

I have faith in Aronofsky. I think this will bring us back to X2 territory in terms of greatness. I just hope he doesn't do too much reinvention of the character but instead brings out what is most interesting about Wolverine. We shall see.