Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Come January, California's own Governator will be termed out of office, no doubt looking to the horizon for what new opportunities await.  While the Ah-nuld's box office prospects may have dimmed long before he turned to politics (*koff*Batman&Robin*koff*), he might well have a future in dinner theater, as this new video demonstrates, brought to you by the guys who made the hysterically funny Conan the Barbarian musical earlier this year (and who also made a pretty great T2 riff). This time they tackle one of the most iconic of Schwarzenegger's '80s confections: Commando.  Now, given that it's culled from one of the most violent movies of all time (which I inexplicably was allowed to watch at age five), you probably want to hold off on playing this at work (at least while your boss is around), and as with the others, be warned that it's pretty catchy.  Enjoy!

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