Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Third at Bat

While in LA this past weekend I was able to catch Inception for one final theatrical viewing, this time with the entire Mr. Boy team in tow, and while I've already sung the movie's praises here and here, seeing it again it got me re-energized for whatever auteur extraordinaire Chris Nolan has up his sleeve for the final leg of his Batman movie trilogy. Based on where The Dark Knight left us story-wise, we know that the plot must, of necessity, center on the titular hero trying to reclaim his reputation, and the title of the new film, newly-revealed by Nolan to Geoff Boucher of Hero Complex , would seem to cement this -- The Dark Knight Rises. Very cool.

Nolan is his usual tight-lipped self in the interview, but he does let slip a few choice nuggets, including a confirmation that it won't be in 3-D (thank goodness), and also a firm denial of the villain who many had assumed would be at the center of this installment. That's right, it ain't the Riddler.  And that sound you hear is a big sigh of relief from me. While they had to do the Joker out of a sense of obligation (and did a great job to boot), my preference is for Nolan to follow the path he laid out in Batman Begins, and tackle those villains that haven't already been run into the ground by either the television series or the previous run of Bat-films. We already know that Inception star Tom Hardy has been tapped for baddie duties, and now the waiting game begins to find out which one he'll be playing.

It's good to know that this movie has moved into the realm of active development, but I have a feeling it's going to be an excruciating wait until The Dark Knight Rises makes its debut in two years.


Glenn Greenberg said...

I'm starting to wonder if maybe the female lead will be none other than Talia. After all, Nolan sees this as the conclusion of a trilogy...

Zaki said...

I'd prefer that idea to the currently floating one about Catwoman, that's for sure.