Saturday, October 09, 2010

Recommended Reading

Looking at the John McCain of '08, pushed to the fringes by the Tea Party crowd, wounded-ego opposition to President Obama setting him against even those issues he at one time supported, it's easy to forget how, just a few short years ago, McCain's "straight talk" reputation made even people on the opposite end of the divide wish wistfully that the Republican primaries had gone his way in 2000.

While many (like Jon Stewart) are asking why the McCain of today has so readily sold out his principles for the sake of political survival, in a lengthy piece for Vanity Fair, Todd Purdum argues that those ballyhood principles were less a genuine expression of purpose then they were convenient props to be positioned for his own personal advantage:
He has never been a party leader, like his old friend Bob Dole, of Kansas, or a wise elder, like his colleague Dick Lugar, of Indiana, or a Republican moderate, like Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, of Maine. He flies solo, first, last, and always, and his paramount cause has always been his own. That is the bracing reality of John McCain. It is the tragedy, too.
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