Monday, October 04, 2010

Recommended Reading

The ascension of Delaware senate candidate Christine O'Donnell to the national stage thanks to this year's El Nino-like mix of economic doldrums, populist rage and corporate greed is one of the stranger sideshows to emerge in an election cycle that's fairly rife with sideshows. Now, granted, it's not like she hasn't provided a pretty big target for those on the Left to make sport of (with Bill Maher merrily leading the charge thanks to his weekly helpings of off-kilter clips from O'Donnell's prior appearances with him).  But while that's all well and good (and in some cases well-deserved), Frank Rich echoes my own concerns that to point fingers and poke fun at O'Donnell without seeking out the reasons for her sudden appeal is to fundamentally misread the country's political temperate and in turn allow the Tea Party's corporate benefactors to gain an even greater toe-hold on the political process.

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