Sunday, October 10, 2010

Portrait of a Hate-Monger

The New York Times has a piece up looking at the life and legend of Pamela Geller, the blogger whose anti-Muslim invective stirred the Park51 project from a municipal zoning issue into the dreaded "Ground Zero Mosque" that threatens singlehandedly to destroy our American way of life.  The fact that someone like Geller (who refers to herself as a “racist-Islamophobic-anti-Muslim-bigot" -- yep, that about says it) is out there isn't especially shocking to me, nor that she's found an audience that's receptive to her particular brand of venom.  After all, history is rife with examples of ignorant people riled into oversimplified "us" versus "them" equations that inevitably lead to one group's dehumanization.  No, what I find irksome is that, according to the article, she makes enough money from donations and ads to her hate site to live very comfortably on.  Now that's depressing.  Seriously, I think I'm in the wrong racket.

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