Monday, October 11, 2010

Maxed Out?

Last July I spent some time talking up Fury Road, director George Miller's long-in-planning two-part reboot of his legendary Mad Max franchise, to star Inception actor Tom Hardy. Back then, after a twenty-five year layover in the development cycle, it looked like the new Max was actually going to happen, with pre-production proceeding apace, and talent and locations all falling into place. But then came word over the weekend that budgetary concerns have pushed the Fury shoot from a planned fall start all the way into first quarter 2012 -- more than a year away.

Now, a year of inertia is bad under any circumstance, but it's an absolute eternity in film production terms, and as far as I'm concerned the delay is tantamount to admitting that the whole thing is being scuppered. That's not to say it won't end up happening eventually, but I think fans would be well advised not hold their breath waiting. Sadly, given its long, fitful history of starts, stops, starts, and stops, at this point I'm ready to place a hypothetical Mad Max IV into the same "I'll believe it after I've finished watching it" box that I've already gone ahead and filed Ghostbusters 3 into.

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mr.boy said...

I can't say that I share the same attachment to the franchise, so I'm "meh" on the whole thing.

What really intrigued me though was the concept of an "old school" director giving the ol' reboot to his own property.

I hear great things about Tom Hardy, but I still have yet to see "Inception." Perhaps it serves me right that "Community" ruined the ending for me with the whole "in Tom Berenger's head" thing. =)