Monday, September 20, 2010

Stale Soup

As anyone who's seen David Zucker's painfully unfunny An American Carol or Fox News' failed attempt to outdo The Daily Show with The 1/2 Hour News Hour already knows, Right Wing humor just doesn't work.  Nor, for that matter, does Left Wing humor.  The goal of all comedy is to go where the funny is, and that can't happen if it's also governed by a specific partisan or ideological mindset.

Say what you will about Jon Stewart and Company's Leftward tilt (which I doubt anyone would deny) but it's not like they haven't given President Obama just as much grief during his time in office as they did the other guy.  So now the spankin' new RightNetwork, which is only available OnDemand for the time being, is giving Right-leaning comedy another go with the Soup-inspired Leftovers, and, well, here's Gawker's take:
Ouch. Get a robot, style him like the teens we see at the mall but don't let him show any emotion, rip-off The Soup's virtual set, reuse an old sitcom laugh track and throw in some Kirstie Alley fat jokes: the viewers will love it!
Watch the clip below, and you'll agree that about says it.  Holy yikes!

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