Friday, September 17, 2010

Recommended Reading

Hamza Yusuf Hanson, founder of Zaytuna College and one of the preeminent voices in the American Muslim community, offers his thoughts on the controversy surrounding the Park51 Islamic Center, and cites an example from his own Irish-American roots to draw a parallel with the Islamophobic panic that's seemingly gripped certain quarters of this country.
In many ways, Muslims are the new Irish. While they are spared the blatant bigotry of job ads that caution, “No Muslims need apply,” Muslims often feel the chill of their reception during job interviews, especially women wearing a scarf, or men with a beard and skullcap.
But the Irish narrative is also one of good cheer for the Muslims. They aren’t called “the fighting Irish” for nothing. The Irish pressed on. Slowly, they built some of the finest schools and colleges in our nation, as well as churches and charitable hospitals. They were hardworking and industrious, and their natural genius flourished in the opportunities afforded them in a free and open society.
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