Monday, September 13, 2010

Recommended Reading

Glenn Greenwald explains why the Democrats' current midterm strategy of repeating "You think we're bad, well they're even worse!" as often and loudly as possible to scare their disenchanted base into showing up at the polls and staving off a Republican takeover of congress is a bad idea:
That the Right has become an even more twisted, malicious and primitive version of what they were during the Bush years is unquestionably true.  And it's perfectly legitimate to point out the flaws and excesses of one's political adversaries.  But the expectations which large numbers of Obama voters had -- based on the promises made -- are not going to be forgotten with these distracting, divisive strategies.  The great irony of the Obama presidency is that a central promise of his candidacy was to reduce the corrosive cynicism pervading the citizenry regarding our political system, but dashing the hopes of huge numbers of first-time and young voters -- as the "enthusiasm gap" compellingly reveals is occurring -- will likely do more than any other single event to increase cynicism levels to all new heights.  It's easy to imagine large numbers of people who decided for the first time that politics can matter -- people who were enthused supporters who expected the fundamental change they were promised by electing Barack Obama -- giving up "hope" for a long time, if not forever, in the face of a Party which now has little to say to them other than:  But Look Over There at Sarah Palin!!
This is a key point that the Dems seem to be deliberately skirting, which lends even more inevitably to the midterm routing that many are seeing as a foregone conclusion. Much more from Greenwald at the link, and all of it is worth a read.

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