Friday, September 10, 2010

Nostalgia Theater: Small Wonder Edition

We're going way obscure with this one.  For all the time I spend on this site singing the praises of the '80s, the decade also produced a fair number of turds so stinky that no amount of nostalgic sheen can spray them away.  One such example is Small Wonder, a syndicated sitcom (remember when sitcoms used to be syndicated?) about a family and their robot daughter who lived in the closet.  Naturally this led to all kinds of fun mistaken identity shenanigans, plus ten-year-old Tiffany Brissette as the titular "wonder" (aka VICI, aka Vickie) talking-like-this-all-the-time.  Hilarious!

I first saw this when I was around six in Saudi Arabia during the month of Ramadan, which was ostensibly when the programming geniuses over there used to wheel out all the "best" American shows.  I guess they didn't get the memo on this one.  Not only is this considered "one of the worst low-budget sitcoms of all time," it also proved the death knell for the careers of virtually everyone in its cast.  More shocking still, the badness that was as plain as day even back then didn't stop the show from finding enough of an audience to last a shocking four seasons and 96 episodes (from '85 to '89).

I have no explanation, but clearly it's that very same audience that compelled Shout! to release the series on DVD starting this year.  Anyway, feast your eyes below on the first act of the first episode, then sob softly at the innocence you've lost.  You're very welcome.


Brian said...

96 episodes?!! Wow. I remember liking this show as a kid but looking at the clips, now I see why my parents made all my decisions for me at that age.

Zaki said...

Ha! Always love your comments, man.

Omar Ansari said...

I remember watching a handful of episodes around the 5th grade (1987) in syndication. I just played the 1st few minutes of the clip you posted and wanted to continue watching (for some ODD reason), but my watch said, "What are you watching?" and not having the words to justify it, I shut down the clip!

Jen said...

Couldn't even survive 2 minutes.
And I watch Hair Battle Spectacular on Hulu while I'm typing.

Mr. Boy said...

I remember the girl I had a crush on in elementary school LOVED the little boy in this show.

For that reason, and because he was an annoying little pissant, I hated Jamie's guts.