Monday, September 13, 2010

Mosque Moves (And Other Points Of Confusion)

Here's an excerpt from Islamic scholar Tariq Ramadan's Washington Post op-ed yesterday, making the argument that the Cordoba House planners should consider moving the planned Islamic center:
No doubt, it is the legitimate right of Muslims to build a community center near Ground Zero. Yet, I believe it is not a wise decision, considering the collective sensitivities in American society. This is a moment to go beyond rights and reach for the common good: To build it elsewhere, if possible, would be a sensible and symbolic move.
A perfectly reasonable and moderated position to take, stated eloquently and to-the-point.  Well said, Mr. Ramadan.  I applaud yo--waaaaait a minute!

Isn't this the same Tariq Ramadan who's been called a "subversive scumbag" by Pamela Geller, and a "stealth Jihadist" by Robert Spencer?  And aren't Geller and Spencer the same folks who whipped up the current frenzy about moving the Islamic center?  And weren't they also the organizers of the hate rally this past Saturday keynoted by a veritable rogues gallery of hate-mongers with the express goal of, you guessed it, moving the Islamic center?

So, if Geller and Spencer are on the same side of this issue as "stealth Jihadist" Tariq Ramadan, what exactly does that make them?  By moving the center, does that mean we'd be...letting the bad guys win?  I'm so confused.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome post!'s come to that point where we have to think in those terms..."letting the bad guys win..." Sad.