Monday, September 27, 2010

"The Lowest Response"

Of all the hate-baiting and fearmongering that's gone on surrounding the Park51 center, perhaps the most egregious offender (which is really saying something, mind you) is North Carolina congressional candidate Renee Ellmers, who's seemingly wrapped her entire campaign (or at least a decent-sized chunk of it) around stirring up anti-Muslim resentment rooted in a questionable grasp of history and an even more questionable grasp of issues that are directly relevant to her constituents in NC.

Needless to say, there's a whole mess of crazy in there to pick apart, and like his recent chat with crackpot congressman Louis Gohmert, Anderson Cooper rightly called out Ellmer's more blatant falsehoods during an appearance on his CNN show this Friday. Not only did he question the premise of her entire argument, but he also questioned its inherent contradictions, and called to account her, shall we say, "Palin-esque" knowledge of historical events (leading him at one point to exclaim that hers was "the lowest response I have ever heard from a candidate").

The resultant segment, including commentary and context from an actual religious scholar, makes for one of the more compelling politics-related vids to hit the web of late and is worthy of a viewing in its entirety:

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