Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Future is Back!

Remember when I posted the trailer for the impending UK-only Back to the Future theatrical re-release, and you oohed-and-aahed and then got really depressed because it was a UK-only release?  Well rejoice, Futurians, because your prayers have been answered -- for two showings, anyway.  That's right, AMC Theaters will be offering two special 25th anniversary screenings of the seminal Robert Zemeckis classic on October 23 and 25 (followed by the trilogy's newly-remastered Blu-ray release on the 26th).  I was planning to be in LA that weekend anyway, so I'm looking forward to catching this with my Mr. Boy compatriots (Back to the Future fanatics, all).  You can get all the details on the AMC screenings here .

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