Saturday, September 11, 2010

Brolin Talks HEX

For as much as I loathed last June's Jonah Hex movie this past June, I thought the star performance from actor Josh Brolin was just about the only redeeming factor in what was otherwise an unmitigated disaster from the time it unspooled to just after the credits rolled.  Given that Brolin was a fan of the Hex character going in, I'd really been hoping that we'd get his unvarnished take at some point on the catastrophe the feature adaptation of the DC Comic turned out to be.  Currently out making the press rounds for the upcoming Wall Street sequel, the actor has graciously obliged, offering up some choice reflections on Hex's flop-tastic fate (via Filmdrunk):
Reassess the Jonah Hex situation for us, are you proud of the film?
You mean now that I don’t have to promote it? No.
We had an original intention and that got away from us a little bit. Everybody did do their best to try and create the best movie with what we had, but I think it got so derailed at a certain point that the assemblage of what we could use was so disconnected to what our original intention was that it just got mixed up.
I still think it’s a lot of fun if you go in and see that movie. That’s what I told the marketing people at Warner Bros. I said, ‘I can’t lie about this, so I have to look for a truism that I can go with. So I do think that if you go in there, kind of like with Piranha 3-D — when you go to see that movie you go, ‘This is ridiculous and this is fun’ — so if you went into Jonah Hex with that, I think you had a good time.
Gotta love his candor, especially how right up-top he says to disregard all that nicey-nice stuff he said about the movie two months ago (you know, when he had to). The only part I disagree with is the "good time" thing, because I went into Hex with expectations that were somewhere around a hundred feet below-sea-level, and still managed to walk out of the theater feeling like I'd been kicked in the groin for ninety minutes.  And while I haven't seen Pirahna 3-D (nor am I really gripped by any great need to), I have to think its filmmakers are saying, "Uh, would you mind not comparing our movie to Jonah Hex?"

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