Thursday, August 19, 2010

Now Blogging at HuffPo!

So, this is kinda cool.

From now on, in addition to the usual nuggets of wisdom that you've come to know and love from me here, I'll also be blogging regularly at The Huffington Post. I have to admit, this is pretty exciting for me, as I've followed the site since its debut (which I made mention of here), so I feel like I've made it into some pretty illustrious company. Check out my HuffPo profile, and if by happenstance you were to add me as a "fan," I surely wouldn't complain...


Omar A. said...


Mr. Boy said...

HuffPo sounds like a Pokemon character!

"Let's go, HuffPo!"


Seriously, congrats on the Bloggity Blog!

Cecil said...

That's something of a break through! You just kept doing your thing and struck a chord. Congratulations!

One morning I'm going to wake up and find your punditry on cable news!

Zaki said...

Many thanks!