Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mosque Misinformation

As with most manufactured stories blown out of proportion by the media, it seems some of the air is going out of the whole "Ground Zero Mosque" balloon, though that hasn't stopped an upsurge in anti-Muslim/anti-mosque violence from shaking the American Muslim community this past week.  As I've said all along with this, what's at work more than anything is certain agitators with hate-filled agendas latching onto people's ignorance like ticks on a dog, resulting in the media mess of the past few weeks.

Hoping to address at least some of this ignorance head-on, author Edward Curtis has compiled a list of five myths about mosques in America, most of which have taken root so deeply that many remain happily unaware of their status as blatant falsehoods.  One example is the big booga-booga of American mosques as sleeper cell factories churning out armies of terrorists-in-waiting (a belief I've actually heard espoused by people I know -- and from whom, frankly, I expect a little better).  As Curtis explains:
Through their mosques, U.S. Muslims are embracing the community involvement that is a hallmark of the American experience. In this light, mosques should be welcomed as premier sites of American assimilation, not feared as incubators of terrorist indoctrination.
Well, duh.

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