Monday, August 16, 2010

He is the Law

I mentioned last month that Karl Urban was in advanced talks to take on Judge Dredd's lantern jaw in a movie revival, but over the weekend we got our confirmation, courtesy of Empire. Urban, who played Eomer in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and is currently the Doctor McCoy of record in JJ Abrams' Star Trek series, earns his third geek badge with the Dredd reboot, which is described by the producers thusly:
"Our idea is to make a very hard, R-rated, gritty, realistic movie of Dredd in Megacity, so we’ve got to get the tone right. He’s not going to take off his helmet. His bike is going to feel real. He’s going to hit people and it’s going to feel real."
Here's what Urban said about the role to MTV last month, when it was still in the "rumor" column:
“[He is a] phenomenal iconic comic book character, so it’s a world I know and it would be a privilege and a pleasure to be able to bring that to life.”
And here's what he told Collider (again, last month):
“If anyone is familiar with Dredd, over the years there are many times when Dredd removes his helmet but you never fully see his face and that was construct by the creator, Mr. Wagner. He represents that faceless system of justice and law. I will say this, hypothetically if I went to a movie that was called “Judge Dredd” and the character or the actor who played Judge Dredd took the helmet and I would see his full face and features I would puke in my popcorn because that’s not Dredd. He’s mysterious and enigmatic. We’re going to do it right.”
Sounds good so far.  Here's hoping they actually deliver!

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The Mad Swede said...

If they keep true to the spirit of that interview, this has every chance of being a great Dredd film.

Fingers crossed.