Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Futures Past

My three-year-old watched the Back to the Future trilogy for the first time last month, and is now hopelessly hooked on the whole series (including that cartoon show I talked about here). To put this in perspective, he's playing with a light-and-sound DeLorean Time Machine toy even as I type this. Anyway, as with anything a three-year-old likes, that means I've had lots of time to watch and re-watch the movies and to try to make sense of the many time paradoxes contained therein.

What happened to the "old" timeline that Marty changed in the original movie? In Part II, how come Old Biff is able to return to "his" 2015 after he changes the past? In Part III, couldn't Marty have just gotten gas from the other DeLorean hidden in 1885 after his DeLorean's tank got hit with an arrow? As you can tell, I've spent maybe a little too much time thinking about this stuff.  While these questions may never have answers, it's gratifying to know that I'm not alone in pondering them, as graphic designer Sean Mort actually set about placing the events of the trilogy in some semblance of a chronology.

Check it out it after the jump (click the pic for the embiggened version).
It kinda works!  I think.  Fascinating, nerdy stuff.  I love it.

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