Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Dog Tired

Remember last Friday's protest spearheaded by a local tea party group against a planned mosque in Temecula, CA?  The one that was going to use the power of dogs and song (though, sadly, not dogs in song) to scare off those darn Muslims and their prayer house?  Well, the big rally didn't exactly pan out the way they'd intended, with both the local Republican Party and the Temecula Tea Party putting as much real estate as possible between themselves and the crazies, and even Diane "I'm not prejudiced because I didn't use a naughty word about my gay boss" Serafin, who was the ostensible face of this "movement," dropping off the map once called out on her hypocrisy.  In the end, about twenty-some bigots showed up, including one bigot with a dog (no word on whether the dog was bigoted too), and they were vastly overshadowed and outnumbered by the people there in solidarity with their Muslim neighbors (including folks from several local churches).  Boy, I just hate it when hate gets hated on, don't you?  Read more about the #BigotryFail over at TPM.

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