Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bartlet's Guidance

It's been a "What would Bartlet say?" kind of week for me.  While working on my piece yesterday about "Muslim Republicans," I kept thinking of "The Portland Trip," the second season West Wing episode where Bradley Whitford's Josh Lyman character -- the president's deputy chief of staff -- is incredulous that a congressional Republican who also happens to be gay would continue to support a party that's so clearly aligned against his interests.  That's the same reaction I have when I read pieces like this.

Then, there's this week's hubbub about radio shrink "Doctor" Laura Schlessinger letting fly (and fly, and fly, and fly) her inner bigot (followed by this baffling defense from the baffling Sarah Palin -- weren't we just talking about Tea Party folks not knowing where to pick their battles?).  Still, with the good doctor hoisted on her petard after a long career of condescension and derision, I couldn't help but flash to this clip from "The Midterms," also from season two, where writer Aaron Sorkin (through his avatar of President Jed Bartlet) has a...*ahem*...conversation with a certain "Dr. Jenna."

Dang, I miss this show.

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