Friday, July 23, 2010

Urban Justice

Back in May I mentioned that a new film version of Brit comic icon Judge Dredd was in works with Pete Travis at the helm.  Things went quiet after that, but development's been plugging right along.  On Monday, The Playlist went up with a generally positive review of the Alex Garland script for the project, and then on Wednesday Rich Johnston at Bleeding Cool broke the news that the role of the lantern-jawed anti-hero had been offered to actor Karl Urban, already well known to genre fans thanks to his Star Trek and Lord of the Rings appearances.

While he hasn't officially accepted yet, all signs seem to point to yes.  I've consistently enjoyed Urban's work over the years, and have long felt he does a good job even in bad movies (*koff*Doom*koff*), so his presence in the part would be a welcome boost for this film's prospects.  Interestingly, the deal for this version specifically states that at no point will the actor's full face be seen, keeping true to the mythology established in the comics and immediately separating it from the  unfortunate Sly Stallone Dredd from '95.

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The Mad Swede said...

Not showing the face is a leap in the right direction. I will be interested in seeing this when it's out.