Friday, July 30, 2010

Tea for Tools

Well, the trendline of increasing Islamophobia nationwide has finally converged with the Tea Party, making for one big cocktail of crazy that's really something to behold.  By way of the backstory, local Muslims in Temecula, CA have had plans for awhile now to build a mosque for their community.  As those plans have finally begun to solidify, the local Tea Party has (naturally) chimed in with their opposition.

And to make their anger known, they've made plans to show up at the Friday prayer services at the site armed with dogs and songs -- because apparently there's nothing them Moslems hate more than dogs 'n' singin'!  For all of the charged rhetoric from the Tea types about "freedom" and "justice" and, y'know, "the Constitution," those concepts apparently only extend so far, as elucidated by this quote from Diane Serafin, organizer for the folks who dreamed this thing up:
"They hate Jews, they hate Christians, they hate women, they hate dogs...[The idea of the new mosque] scares the daylights out of me."
Perhaps realizing how ignorant she's sounding, Serafin helpfully issued this clarification:
"I want you to stress this -- I'm not prejudiced.  I worked retail for nine years and I didn't even know my manager was gay until someone told me. And when I found out, I didn't care."
Uh, Diane, I hate to break it to you, but I don't think you get a lifetime "Not Prejudiced" pass because of that one time you weren't mean to a gay guy.  And what you're doing right now?  Pretty sure that's prejudice.  In fact, it's the dictionary definition of prejudice.  I'm not saying all of the Tea Party crowd is racist, or even ignorant (no matter the overwhelming evidence to prove out at least the latter), but boy howdy, stuff like this sure doesn't paint them in the best of lights, does it?

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