Friday, July 09, 2010

State of Bondage

Last week, prompted by a gnashing-of-teeth post by AICN maven Harry Knowles about the current state of disarray at MGM, which has sidelined not only the highly-anticipated (though not necessarily by me) Hobbit adaptation as well as the James Bond franchise, new stories began to appear across the web about how the studio had scuttled the 007 series, that it was all over for Bond, etc.

Having already discussed the decision by Bond's producers to put the series in hibernation for a (hopefully) short while back in April, I kept looking for a story sourced to someone a bit more credibile than UK's Daily Mail to determine if there was anything new to report, or if this was just the same old, same old being regurgitated from months ago.  Well, Mike Fleming over at Deadline has done the due diligence on the current state of development on Bond 23, and the news is that there's no news.  I'm sure that when something breaks we'll hear about it, but for now, Bond is still in the same frustrating state of static equilibrium that MGM's finacial woes put him in months ago.

(That said, how freakin' cool would this be!)

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