Thursday, July 08, 2010

Skeet's LAW

Yesterday, I said we hadn't heard anything casting-wise for Law & Order: Los Angeles, then lo and behold, late in the afternoon we got our first bite at that apple with the news that Skeet Ulrich has signed on in the lead role of Rex Winters, the "cynical older detective" part of the Law dyad that's previously been occupied by the likes of Paul Sorvino, Jerry Orbach, and Dennis Farina.  I briefly did a double-take when I heard this, as in my mind Ulrich is still that punk kid from the first Scream, and since time apparently doesn't move forward for me, it didn't cross my mind that fourteen years have passed since then and the actor is now in his early forties.  Since Scream, of course, Ulrich went to earn some acclaim in CBS' post-nuke drama Jericho, which I never followed but I understand had a pretty loyal (if small) following.  Now that Ulrich is set, and with filming on the new series still slated to begin in a few short weeks, I'd expect a whole slew of news on the names and faces populating Law & Order's West Coast branch very soon.

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