Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ring Slinger

Yep, it's Green Lantern.

The big budget Green Lantern feature film directed by Martin Campbell is due next summer in the middle of a very crowded field of cinematic superheroes, and right now I have to think that the higher-ups at the WB are hoping that this one's box office trajectory makes more like The Dark Knight than Jonah Hex.  Anyway, it's been known for awhile that star Ryan Reynolds, playing test pilot-turned-space cop Hal Jordan, wouldn't be wearing a physical suit but instead have his GL uniform mo-capped onto him in post.

I've felt all along that this is a good idea, as the Lantern suit is supposed to be a manifestation of energy generated by the alien ring, so it stands to reason that it wouldn't have traditional characteristics of cloth (like, y'know, wrinkles).  Given the post-produced nature of the suit, it makes sense why we haven't caught any glimpses of Reynolds all duded up until now, but that all changed this morning with the release of Entertainment Weekly's cover for next week (with the promise of more pics inside).

For comparison's sake, here's the comic book Jordan from an image by artist Carlos Pacheco:
I'd imagine that a big part of the sell will be in seeing Reynolds in actual footage as opposed to a posed still, but this at least gives us a sense of the design aesthetic Campbell & Co. are going for.

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