Monday, July 19, 2010

Palin to Muslims: "Refudiate!"

Once again cementing her reputation as an intellectual gnat among pigmies, Sarah Palin has weighed in on the controversy surrounding the Cordoba House plans in New York (which I previously discussed here and here).  Yep, as if this issue wasn't heated enough, it now has John McCain's Gift to the Body Politic choosing up sides via her Twitter feed, where she managed to toss a nasty cocktail of ignorance, bigotry, and old fashioned stupidity into one 140 character package, imploring "peace loving Muslims" to "refudiate" the planned Islamic cultural center.  

Setting aside her ridiculous false dichotomy between "peace loving Muslims" and supporters of the project, setting aside that "refudiate" isn't even a word, that tweet was just the first of several pained (and subsequently deleted) attempts by the former governor to get her thought (such as it is) across, each equally offensive to our shared sense of decency, curiosity and, perhaps most exasperatingly, language.  I've said before that Palin is the modern embodiment of mediocrity writ large, which is also likely the key to her continued appeal among her faithful ("We don't need no real words like all them elites with their book learnin'!").  However, I'm wondering if, by injecting herself into this debate, Sarah Palin isn't doing the best thing possible for those who support and are fighting for the center, by essentially becoming a  walking, talking billboard for the hate and ignorance it's meant to stand against.

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The Mad Swede said...

Zaki, I'm not so sure that "Palin is the modern embodiment of mediocrity writ large"... heck, she makes mediocrity look like a top notch alternative.