Friday, July 09, 2010

Nostalgia Theater: Back to the Future Edition

Those who follow my Twitter feed (and if you don't, why the heck not?) know that I spent last weekend in very own time machine by re-watching the Back to the Future trilogy on the occasion of the first film's twenty-fifth anniversary last Saturday.  That in turn got me thinking about the Back to the Future animated series that ran for two seasons on CBS from 1991 to 1993.  Here's a trailer for the home video release on VHS (V...H...S?):

Set at some point after the time traveling Delorean was destroyed at the end of the third film, the Back to the Future 'toon had "Doc" Emmett Brown, his wife Clara, and sons Jules & Verne move back to Hill Valley, where he promptly rebuilds the iconic car and has further (educational!) adventures through time with pal Marty McFly.  While director Robert Zemeckis wasn't directly involved, co-creator Bob Gale lent the project some cred as exec producer, and he also directed several shows during the second season.

Each episode had the film series' Christopher Lloyd reprise his role as Doc in live-action wraparounds, while the animated portion starred The Simpsons' Dan Castellaneta (doing a pretty good Lloyd impression) as Doc's voice.  The show also featured voiceover actor David Kaufman (Jimmy Olsen on Superman: The Animated Series) as Marty, and actors Mary Steenburgen and Thomas Wilson voicing their movie roles as, respectively, Clara Brown and Biff Tannen (along with the various other members of the Tannen clan throughout time).

Following its early-'90s CBS run, the animated Back to the Future was briefly rerun on Fox about seven years back, but while the films have been issued and re-issued for digital formats, the cartoon has, until now, been ignored.  This is a shame, as it remains a fun little addendum to the beloved trilogy that deserves to have an audience.  Rumors have been floating around for a few years now about the series getting a proper DVD release, but as yet that's failed to materialize, so for now we have to content ourselves with YouTube users posting their uploads for the foreseeable future.


Brian said...

Wow. I remember this. Funny knowing that's Castellaneta as Doc.

Ronny said...

Wow, I've never seen any of this series. I would definitely watch it, though. I'm a BttF geek too. LOVE that movie series. 25 years, though?! I remember seeing previews for it and thinking it was going to the coolest thing ever ... and I wasn't really wrong.