Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No Pray, No Way

Following up on my recent series of posts on the Cordoba House plans (now renamed Park51), there's a report up at TPM about a virulent strain of anti-Muslim rhetoric that's spread across the country.  While Cordoba has gotten the lion's share of press attention (both good and ill), there's been a similar outpouring of hate over several unrelated Islamic centers from coast to coast (some of which was lampooned by Jon Stewart here).

This in turn has allowed those on the furthest fringes of the political spectrum to make much hay out of our country's perceived tolerance for supposed undesirables.  Yep, this is America.  Professor John Esposito (who has a some experience discussing this arena) examines the Cordoba Controversy, as well as the growing tendrils of Islamophobia into our political process.  While he makes several intelligent and nuanced points, his mention of this key fact bears repeating again (and again, and again):
The charge that Muslims do not condemn terrorism has been made repeatedly, despite that post-9/11, many Muslim leaders and organizations in America and globally have consistently denounced acts of terrorism. But major media outlets do not seem to find them newsworthy, and thus they must be found in smaller outlets on the internet.
More of Esposito's take at the link.  Definitely worth a read.

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