Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Maximum MAX

A brief update on last week's post about George Miller's plans for Fury Road, the long-awaited revival of the Mad Max franchise (and, while we're on the subject, how glad do you think Miller is right about now that Mel Gibson decided to bow out of this one?).  As Todd Brown posted late last week via Twitch, there's even more Fury in our future than we first assumed, with current plans for the new Max epic to span two films shot back-to-back over nine months. In addition to Tom Hardy (who we discussed last time) in the lead, Charlize Theron is also tipped for a key role in both parts (the first of which is still aiming for a 2012 release, adding one more title to an extremely genre heavy year).  While bitter experience over the years has taught me that there are about a million-and-one things that could derail this thing before cameras roll, I'm pretty much in agreement with Drew McWeeney over at HitFix, that there are few upcoming productions I'm as excited about as the promise of Mad Max returning to the screen under George Miller's stewardship.

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