Monday, July 12, 2010

Lawless Linus

(Or is that Linus-less Law?)

After Law & Order's cancellation by NBC was announced in mid-May, the likelihood of the series transitioning to a new home with its cast intact extended until the end of June, after which point the various actors' holding deals with the studio would sunset.  Well, June transitioned into July with no definite word one way or another as to the series' fate (save for last week's faint glimmer from AMC).  Now, in what's likely the first of many such deals to come, Michael Ausiello breaks the news that Linus Roache, fightin' ADA Michael Cutter since 2008 (as well as Bruce Wayne's doomed dad in Batman Begins), has signed to co-star in the HBO pilot Miraculous Year alongside actor Lee Pace (who just got name-checked on this site yesterday).  While there's no guarantee that Year will go to series, the fact that Roache is on the hunt for a new gig is an unfortunate indicator that even if it gets a reprieve, Law & Order will likely return sans Mike Cutter and probably others from one of its best-ever ensembles.  Like I said, unfortunate.

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