Thursday, July 08, 2010

Late Night Dismay

The Emmy noms were announced today, and even though NBC didn't submit Conan O'Brien's Tonight Show for consideration, it still managed to snare four nods (prompting this very-funny tweet from the once-and-former late night laffer), and Jay Leno's Tonight Show (which was submitted) goes home with a goose egg.  Since the big late night dustup earlier this year left Conan without a chair to sit in (a situation which will be remedied come November), I've found myself slowly drifting away from the various late shows.

Even with the recent departure of bandleader/sidekick Kevin Eubanks, Leno is still doing the same old schtick that got his primetime gig axed, and even Letterman hasn't been as enjoyable as he used to be for quite awhile now.  I do like what I see of Craig Ferguson when I see it, but even then I haven't felt moved to add him to my DVR cue.  Clearly, something is rotten in the state of late night, and as always with these matters, I bow to the wisdom of Mark Evanier, who sums up these problems far more skill and knowledge than I.

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