Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hulk Gets Ruffaloed

Three days ago it was still a rumor, but as of last night it's official -- Mark Ruffalo is the Hulk. Two weeks to the day that we first got word about Edward Norton being shown the door as the alter ego to Marvel's Green Goliath in the forthcoming Avengers feature, and after a frenzied, down-to-the-wire contract negotiation, Ruffalo becomes the Bruce Banner of record in Avengers and wherever else they slot the character for the foreseeable future.  I don't know if an Incredible Hulk sequel is on the company's radar right now, but I'd say its prospects are a lot better today than they were three weeks ago.

Presumably part of the reason for Marvel's rush to get Ruffalo into the fold was so they could have him signed, sealed, and delivered in time to make a splash at this afternoon's big Avengers panel at Comic-Con.  This way director Joss Whedon (also confirmed this week -- though it's been pretty much an open secret for awhile now) can have his entire all-star lineup of superheroes on hand (including Hurt Locker Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye) to show off to the gathered throngs.  Should be one heck of an event!


The Mad Swede said...

Well, while I don't like the change in the first place, this might well work. Nice photoshopping there, btw.

Also, I hadn't heard about Renner as Hawkeye. I'm thinking that's a darn good choice though.

Zaki said...

Nice photoshopping there, btw.


Why thank you, glad you noticed. :-)

Omar A. said...

Norton was good and all but this won't have THAT much of an impact, in all honesty, whereas it'd be a bigger deal if Downey left Iron Man, or they replaced James Bond again...