Sunday, July 25, 2010

Alfred's LAW

Just a few weeks after Skeet Ulrich came aboard as lead detective, the upcoming Law & Order: Los Angeles has emerged with another feather in its casting cap.  Deadline reported yesterday that consummate actor's actor Alfred Molina, most well-known to modern auds as Doctor Octopus in the second Spider-Man movie but whose face is likely familiar to anyone who's been watching movies or television over the last three decades, has signed on to anchor the "Order" portion of the show as lead ADA Peter Morales.  In Law & Order parlance, this is the Michael Moriarty-Sam Waterston-Linus Roache role, meaning the ever-watchable Molina will hopefully get a strong showcase for his talents every week during the courtroom stuff.  This is very good news.  While the mothership series' cancellation still stings (and no word as of yet on its continued prospects), having both Ulrich and Molina aboard is a definite sign that thing with the LA model are headed in the right direction.

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