Friday, June 11, 2010


Until now, the only thing we've heard about the highly-anticipated (not by me, mind you) third Transformers movie, due next summer, is that my favorite dead-eyed actress Megan Fox had departed the production (jumped or pushed, depending on who you ask), and was promptly swapped out for another piece of eye candy.  But franchise director Michael Bay recently gave USA Today the lowdown on some of what he has planned for the series' third leg, including revealing the Big Bad (who may be familiar to diehard fans).

Now, longtime followers of this site know that I happened to like the first Transformers quite a bit, and was anxiously awaiting the first sequel.  Of course, anyone who read my review of Revenge of the Fallen last year also knows what my experience with that was like.  So you can probably see why it's been a chore for me to muster much enthusiasm for whatever tidbits of news have trickled out thus far for this next entry (or the promise of a next entry at all, for that matter).

To his credit, and like series star Shia LaBeouf did a few weeks ago, Bay does cop to the first sequel's failings, but if the saying is "once burned, twice shy," then for me the last one was like that scene in Home Alone when Joe Pesci's head gets blasted with a blowtorch.  When it comes to Transformers 3, it'll take a whole lot more than I think Bay is capable of to convince me I wouldn't rather stick an icepick in my ear than watch it.  But hey, I'm keeping an open mind.  Really.

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The Mad Swede said...

I'll await your judgement. But won't hold my breath then.