Friday, June 04, 2010

Nolan Talks Batman and Superman

Chris Nolan recently recently sat down for an interview with Empire mag to discuss next month's Inception, and they also got in some talk about the next Batman and Superman projects, both of which he's shepherding and both of which are aiming at a 2012 release.  While the Empire site doesn't have the interview up yet, the folks at Superhero Hype were nice enough to pull the relevant highlights for us. 

In addition to confirming that he won't be helming the rebooted Man of Steel flick, Nolan also disclosed that he hasn't as yet signed on to close out his Batman trilogy (though that is his intention).  Click here to read more, including whether or not the Joker will return in the next Batman, his secret to making Superman and Batman work, and how DC's movies differ from Marvel's offerings.

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