Thursday, June 03, 2010

Hammer Holder

Yep, it's Thor.

I realize that after yesterday's leak of Captain America's costume designs, this one seems almost anti-climactic -- especially since we've already seen a production still -- but I'm posting it here for completeness' sake (and you can see more at Collider). As I've sad before, I really like the look that director Kenneth Branagh is going for, and I think Chris Hemsworth is a terrific visual fit for the part (and after his brief turn in Star Trek last year, I don't doubt that he has the acting chops as well).

Like with the Cap images, however, it's worth clarifying that these are computer-generated concept mockups, so while they do give us more details of the how the suit will look, they don't provide an actual representation of Hemsworth all duded up. As clarified by HitFix's Drew McWeeney, who has seen the costume up-close and in action, while the image above is accurate, it's not necessarily film accurate, as lighting and context will also do some of the lifting.

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