Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Cats' Meow

It looks like animated fave ThunderCats is the latest '80s property to hit the comeback trail, courtesy of current rights-holder Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network.  While I wasn't really a fan of the show growing up, this news fits comfortably enough within this site's wheelhouse that I figured it was worth noting here.  Hailing from the same era of syndicated kidvid that unleashed Transformers and G.I. Joe on America's toy-buying population of prepubescents, ThunderCats premiered in 1985 and tracked the exploits of a race of cat-people from the planet Thundera stranded on the primordial "Third Earth."

I can't say I was really clamoring for this, as the original always struck me as a warmed-over He-Man retread with fur.  Then again, maybe I was just looking for logic in the wrong place.  I also found it strange how each ThunderCat had a name representing their specific cat-race (the lion guy was Lion-O, the tiger guy was Tigra, the cheetah woman was Cheetara, etc.).  If that was the case, what were the other lion people or tiger people called, since all the cool names were already taken?  Yes, this is the stuff I spent time thinking about as a kid.  Anyway, I know the show still has plenty of fans who I'm sure will be very excited by this news, so there it is.

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