Friday, May 07, 2010


Just got back from Iron Man 2 and I'm a few grafs into my review, but realistically it'll be sometime tomorrow before it goes up. Meanwhile, on the verge of what's sure to be yet another Iron-clad box office bonanza this weekend, jump on over to Salon and read why Matt Zoller Seitz hates the superhero genre. I agree with some of his points and disagree with others, but nonetheless it's a thoughtful treatise that's worth a look.

(And no, it shouldn't be taken as any kind of harbinger of where my review lands....)


cease ill said...

First of all, I'm entertained...I found you over on IMWAN! I went the "no-spoilers" route this weekend, but I don't think your follow up to this could possibly spoil the movie. I for one saved up most every detail as a surprise at first view (which is probably increasingly rare).

You are right about the lesser pathos, as we know Tony can't really die, but they gave Downey enough to work with as his doubts wheedled their way into his high-profile vanguard role as self-made super man.

(I don't mind if you remove these questions later, but...)

I was most curious, as a blogger, how you managed to build up so many followers...obviously you've run a long race, being here since 2004! I notice you don't let having a very short blog keep you from updating. I sometimes put MAssive work into my own! I'd be joyed at any pointers. I hope sometime you will enjoy my work enough to blogroll me, and I'm curious about starting that setting for mine as well. I just signed up for networked blogs.

cease ill said...

Zoller-Seitz comments do reflect that troubling aspect that franchise requirements will kill a lot of the shock and possibilities (unless we mean bad shock from mischaracterization). He is completely right in praising Rourke; I swear you could feel the torture in his brutish menace in action. I realize the antagonist really DOEs move the super-hero story, and furthermore, the motivations of the other characters almost pale in comparison!

If someone CAN produce a movie with such a character cast as the anti-hero it will be a very memorable experiment! Experimentation and complexity are the missing blockbuster pieces...we will not wait all our lives without seeing someone get this right!