Sunday, May 02, 2010

Same Bat-Time...

Welp, a few days ago I said we didn't know anything about the next big Chris Nolan Batman opus, and while we still don't know much, we can at least add a release date to the "known unknowns" column: July 20th, 2012.

No big shocker there, as it's the same weekend that The Dark Knight came out two years ago and blew the doors off the box office, so it makes sense that WB wants to stake their claim early.  That promises to be an explosive summer in the franchise sweepstakes, with the second Abrams Trek flick, the Spider-Man reboot, and The Avengers all taking aim at our pocketbooks in '12.

In somewhat related (though perhaps more dubious) news, IESB is reporting that Warners is also hoping to have their big Chris Nolan/David Goyer Superman re-reboot (discussed here and here) in theaters that same year for a Christmas launch.  According to them, the WB braintrust is feverishly working to give their DC Comics-based flicks the same interconnectedness that Marvel is currently plying to great success.

Per IESB's source, Batman Begins is retroactively being designated the first brick in a path that will eventually include the now-lensing Green Lantern movie, the Nolan Superman, and presumably whatever other adaptations will come down the pike. Honestly, a lot of this feels like fanboy wishful thinking to me, but I guess we'll know if and when it happens.

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