Friday, May 21, 2010

ORDER of the Day

Continuing what has now become a daily countdown to the finale of Law & Order, we find that the series, at last word in a "medically-induced coma," probably needs its condition revised downward.  At this point, I think we can count out a last-minute reprieve from NBC, especially with the news that writer/producer Rene Balcer, who was showrunner on the Mothership for the last few seasons, has pulled up stakes and gone west to head up the Law & Order: Los Angeles ship.  Further, cabler TNT, which was the likeliest destination for a hypothetical 21st season, is honoring the show's passing on Monday with a ten-hour marathon of favorite eps.  Now, that doesn't necessarily rule out a TNT deal, but when you read between the lines it doesn't exactly look promising either.  Lastly, here's The Wall Street Journal's Nancy DeWolf with a preview of the final episode, plus some reflections on the show itself.

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